H ABAWD 15 Percent Exemption
(08/01/16 - 09/30/16)
The State of Arizona has a limited number of exemptions that can be used at the state’s discretion. These exemptions may be used for, but not limited to, ensuring that no ABAWD participant receives more than three countable ABAWD months. These exemptions will be evaluated to FAA Systems on a case-by-case basis. The 15 Percent Exemption may only be applied to nonexempt ABAWD participants for months that all the following apply:
The ABAWD does not meet any other exemption criteria
The ABAWD is not meeting ABAWD work requirements
The month is not an extension month
NOTE 15 Percent Exemptions may only be entered by Help Desk staff or designated staff. The 15 Percent exemption are indicated as F months on the CODF screen.