.02 Extension Authorization
(12/01/15 - 01/31/16)
Complete the following when it has been determined the participant meets the ABAWD extension requirements:
Review WERE for each participant to determine whether the time limit counter displays three full months of NA benefits paid.
NOTE Determine and process each participant individually when the budgetary unit contains more than one participant.
Determine the first eligible extension month.
NOTE The first eligible month of the extension period is the first month NA eligibility is reestablished after the loss of employment or training.
Key LE (loss of employment) or LP (loss of participation in training) in the FS EXT RSN/LENGTH field and press ENTER.
When LE or LP is keyed, AZTECS completes the following:
Displays 3 in the LENGTH field and advances to the CODF screen for that participant.
Displays E in the PAYMENT INDICATOR field on CODF when NA are issued in up to three of the following months.
Process the determination through FSAD and approve NA.
Send an NA approval notice to the PI indicating the extension has been approved.
Document the case file(g) with the reasons for approval.
NOTE AZTECS displays the edit message INVALID TIME LIMITED REQUIREMENT - CHECK WERE/CODF when the participant's three extension months have expired and they are still coded IN on SEPA. NEXT to SEPA and change the Participation Code to DI before authorizing benefits.
Key the AB Denial Closure Reason Code when the budgetary unit is limited to only the ABAWD participant.
When a loss of employment or a loss of participation in a training program is discovered, determine any eligible extension months as follows:
Review CODF to see whether three full months of NA benefits were paid for months in which the participant did not meet ABAWD work requirements. (See ABAWD Countable Months)
Determine the number of full months of NA benefits paid when a total of three Xs are displayed on CODF when the participant failed to report and they no longer met the ABAWD work requirements.
Update CODF with the E Code for each month the participant received a full month of NA benefits that should have been countable as ABAWD extension months.
Complete the following when the participant has received the additional three months extension:
Close the case using the AB Denial Closure Reason Code when the only participant is an ABAWD. When the budgetary unit includes other non-ABAWD participants, disqualify the ABAWD participant by changing the Participation Code on SEPA from IN to DI.
Send the appropriate notice allowing for NOAA.
NOTE An overpayment exists when a participant does not meet the ABAWD Work Requirements or ABAWD Exemptions and receives NA more months than they were eligible to receive.
When the approval period ends before the participant's or budgetary unit's third full benefit month, an application must be turned in for the remaining months of the extension.