.01 Extension Period Requirements
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Able bodied participants may be eligible for an additional three months of NA benefits when all of the following apply:
They became ineligible due to receiving three countable months of NA in a 36-month period.
They reestablished NA eligibility after being closed for not meeting ABAWD work requirements.
They report a loss of employment or training.
Complete the following when the participant reports a loss of employment or training:
Determine whether the loss is due to Voluntary Quit (VQ) or Reduced Work Effort (RWE).
Determine whether good cause exists for voluntary quit when this is the case. (See VQ/RWE Good Cause)
Impose a mandatory disqualification period when the participant voluntarily quit or reduced work efforts without good cause.
NOTE Consider extension months used when the participant is ineligible due to a voluntarily quit or reduced work efforts disqualification. Document the case file(g) to indicate the one time extension has been used.
When the loss of employment or training is not a result of voluntary quit or Reduced Work Effort, document the case file and determine the extension months.