D ABAWD – Participation and Referral
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Effective for benefit month 04/2020 until further notice, see Urgent Bulletin emailed 03/27/2020 regarding work requirements.
Participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Employment & Training (SNA E&T) program meets the ABAWD work requirements.
Months in which an ABAWD participant meets the ABAWD work requirements do not count toward the ABAWD time limit.
The ABAWD Participation and Referral (FAA‑1530A) form or F035 notice is used to introduce the ABAWD participant to the SNA E&T staff.
The FAA-1530A form and the F035 notice informs the ABAWD participant of the following:
The ABAWD time limited eligibility period is three full months.
Eligibility may extend beyond the three-month time limit. Continuing eligibility is granted to ABAWD participants who complete 80 hours of employment or 80 hours of approved training within 30 days of their NA application date.
The SNA E&T office is ready to help participants satisfy the ABAWD work requirement.
At a new or renewal interview provide the FAA-1530A form or the F035 notice to all NA participants for whom the following apply:
Meet the ABAWD definition
Do not qualify for an ABAWD exemption
At each interview ensure the SNA E&T referred ABAWD participant understands the following information:
Participating in SNA E&T allows the participant to meet the ABAWD work requirements and may continue to be eligible.
After receiving three months of benefits and voluntarily participating in SNA E&T, and meeting the ABAWD work requirement, eligibility may continue.
After receiving three months of benefits, noncompliance with the ABAWD work requirements would mean NA ineligibility.
NOTE At reapplication, after receiving three months of benefits, allow 10 days for the ABAWD participant to provide proof of ABAWD work requirement compliance.
When the FAA-1535A form or F035 notice is provided and explained to the participant, document the referral in the case file(g).