D ABAWD – Participation and Referral
(12/01/15 - 01/31/16)
Effective for benefit month 04/2020 until further notice, see Urgent Bulletin emailed 03/27/2020 regarding work requirements.
The ABAWD Participation and Referral (FAA‑1530A) form or F035 notice is used to introduce the ABAWD participant to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Employment & Training (SNA E&T) staff. SNA E&T staff may assist the ABAWD participant in meeting the ABAWD work requirements. The ABAWD Participation and Referral informs the ABAWD participant of the following:
The ABAWD time limited eligibility period is three full months.
Eligibility may extend beyond the three-month time limit. Continuing eligibility is granted to ABAWD participants who complete 80 hours of employment or 80 hours of approved training within 30 days of their NA application date. (See ABAWD Work Requirements)
The SNA E&T office is ready to help participants satisfy the ABAWD work requirement.
The ABAWD Participation and Referral is provided to all NA participants for whom all of the following apply:
Meet the ABAWD definition
Do not qualify for an ABAWD work exemption
NOTE Provide the ABAWD Participation and Referral to all nonexempt ABAWD participants at every new or renewal application. When used as a voluntary referral form, the ABAWD Participation and Referral expedites satisfaction of the 80 hour requirement for participants who have received three countable months.
When the Participation and Referral has been given and explained to the participant, document these actions in the case file(g).
An ABAWD participant who has previously received three full months of NA benefits may decide not to go to an SNA E&T office for their assistance. Compliance is voluntary so that the participant can meet ABAWD work requirements and continue to receive NA benefits.
Failure to comply with ABAWD work requirements results in NA ineligibility for the ABAWD participant.