C ABAWD - Countable Months
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
An ABAWD participant may receive only three countable months in the 36-month period unless the participant qualifies for an ABAWD exemption or receives an ABAWD extension month.
Months from other states that have implemented ABAWD time limits are countable when they occur during the 36‑month clock in use by Arizona. Contact the state agency that provided NA services when the budgetary unit includes an ABAWD participant who received NA in another state. (See State Contacts)
ABAWD work requirements apply to participants who do not meet an ABAWD exemption. When an ABAWD participant does not meet an ABAWD exemption, key both of the following to create a referral to SNA E&T:
Key NE (No Exemption) in the WERE EXPT RSN FS field.
Key RA in the WORW PAR/EXEM FS field
AZTECS displays the benefit indicators on CODF depending on the Exemption Code keyed in the WERE EXPT RSN field. CODF summarizes the months of benefits received by each participant as follows:
X displays when the month is countable toward the three full month limit
E displays when the ABAWD participant has received an ABAWD extension month
F displays when the 15 percent ABAWD exemption is applied (entered by Help Desk and designated staff only)
O displays when the month is not countable due to one of the following reasons:
NA benefits were prorated
The participant received terminated income
The participant qualifies for an exemption
AZTECS deauthorizes NA and sets an ACTS alert when the three countable months limit is reached. When a review determines that the budgetary unit does not qualify for an ABAWD extension or exemption, complete one of the following:
Budgetary units with ABAWD participants only, key the AB Denial Closure Reason Code to deny the application or stop NA benefits.
Budgetary units with ABAWD participants and other participants, key the participation code DE in the PT field on SEPA to disqualify the ABAWD participant.
Send the appropriate notice allowing for NOAA.
Complete the following at each interview or reported change to determine whether the participant received three countable months of NA in a 36-month period:
Key Y in the WERE TIME LIMIT DISPL FS column.
Press ENTER to access CODF. Review CODF to determine the COUNTABLE months.
Count backward to 01/2019 beginning with the month before the month for which NA benefits are being determined. Do not include months before 01/2019.
Select one of the following for procedures:
No Countable Months since 01/01/19
Three Countable Months since 01/01/19