FAA2.M Welfare Reform (WERE/CODC/CODF) : 06 CA Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP) - Overview
06 CA Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP) - Overview
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
A CA Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP) is a period of 60 consecutive months assigned to parents and caretaker relatives who apply and receive CA for a dependent child.
FBCP does not apply to a child born or adopted before November 01, 1995, or before the start date of the parent's FBCP.
The FBCP applied to a participant in another state is not applied to that participant in Arizona.
This policy is designed to encourage parents to be responsible and accountable for their family.
FBCP policy does not apply to the following participants:
Refugee CA
Salt River Tribal TANF
Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF
Grant Diversion
NOTE When a CA budgetary unit moves from an area that is exempt from FBCP to an area that is not exempt, the parents may receive an FBCP.
The following determines whether a child is subject to the FBCP:
AZTECS calculates and displays the FBCP on WERE and CLPR.
WERE and CLPR display the start and end dates of the FBCP for the parent or specified relative.