.02 Requesting Birth or Death Verification from Another State
(08/01/14 –09/30/14)
When requesting verification of birth or death from another state, complete all of the following:
Provide the participants with the needed forms and information by completing the following:
Visit the Center for Disease Control - Where to Write for Vital Records web site at http://cdc.gov/nchs/w2w.htm. Take the link to the state from which the records are to be requested.
Select the state’s Vital Records web site at the bottom of the page.
Print the following for the participant:
A copy of the state’s Birth or Death application form.
Instructions for completing the application form.
The exact cost (including any out-of-state agency fees) of obtaining the requested document.
NOTE Ensure the participant understands they are responsible for paying any expenses required for receipt of the requested document.
When there is not enough information on the web site or the application form is not available online for the state from which the documents are being requested, call the out-of-state vital statistics office listed on the web site.
Assist the participant with completing the form, when needed.
Have the participant complete the form then sign and date the form, unless the form must be notarized.
Inform the participant of the state’s instructions and any specific requirements, to complete the request. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
The application must contain their notarized signature.
A copy of their ID must be included with the request.
Payment for the fees charged must be included with the application.
Instruct the participant to have the requested document mailed to their mailing address.
NOTE When the participant is homeless, the participant may have the requested documents mailed to the local office ATTN V&E.
Place a copy of the form in the case file(g), until the participant provides a copy of the application receipt or the requested verification document.
Some states may take months to provide the requested documents.
Instruct the participant to request and provide a copy of the Birth or Death application receipt, when available. When a receipt is available, upload(g) the receipt into OnBase.