.01 Requesting Verification – Within Arizona
When the participant was born or died in Arizona, verification of birth or death can be obtained from the Department of Health Services Bureau of Vital Statistics. Allow at least seven workdays(g) from the date of birth or death for the information to become available, before submitting the Government Agency Request for Copies of Birth and Death Records (FAA‑1214).
Verification of birth or death can be obtained by faxing a completed FAA‑1214 with a fax cover sheet to the FAA Vital Statistic Region Representative. Use the following procedures to request verification of birth or death:
Complete section II for verification of birth. List the full name as it should display on the birth certificate.
Complete section III for verification of death. List the full name as it should display on the death certificate.
The Region Representative is responsible for completing section I of the FAA‑1214 and faxing the request received from FAA workers to the Bureau of Vital Statistics daily. The day verification is received from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Region Representative returns the verification to the requestor identified on the fax cover sheet. Include the following information on the fax cover sheet:
The return fax number and local office site code.
The AZTECS case number.
The name of the worker requesting the information.