.01 FAA‑0020A Requirements
Use the Referral for Social Security Number (FAA‑0020A) form to refer the participant to SSA.
Complete the following:
Use an FAA‑0020A for each participant applying for a Social Security Number (SSN). (See FAA‑0020A Instructions to complete the form)
Inform the participant of the following:
Where to apply for an SSN. (See Arizona SSA Offices)
Verification the participant needs to provide to SSA when applying for an original Social Security card, including, but not limited to, the following:
U.S. citizenship
Verification of identity when the participant is applying for a replacement Social Security card.
Give or mail the original FAA‑0020A and a return envelope to the PI. Keep a copy of the FAA‑0020A in the case file(g) until the original is completed and returned.
Give the participant ten days to provide proof of application for an SSN from SSA. The participant may provide any of the following as proof:
Completed copy of the FAA‑0020A
Receipt for Application for a Social Security Number (SSA‑5028)
Receipt for Application for a Non-Work Social Security Number (SSA‑5029)
Assist the participant in getting the needed verification when requested. Document the case file with the type of assistance given.
Advise the participant to report the SSN to the local office as soon as it is known.
Follow up at renewal or every 30 days, whichever is earlier. An alert is generated in ACTS by the 120th date after the date keyed in the SS5 DATE field. (See Follow Up on SSN Application)
When the original FAA‑0020A is returned, place it in the case file. Keep the FAA‑0020A until the case file is destroyed.