F SSN Application and Referral
(10/01/13 - 12/31/13)
Participants must apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) when any of the following conditions exist:
They do not have an SSN
They do not know whether they have an SSN
They do not know their SSN
Refer the participant to a Social Security Office (See Arizona SSA Offices) when any of the following conditions exist for anyone in the budgetary unit:
Is applying for an original or replacement Social Security card
Has a sibling with a similar first name
Is suspected of fraud
Requests a second (multiple) SSN
Is of questionable identity
Reports or uses more than one SSN
Needs to change their name on the Social Security card
Do not refer an undocumented noncitizen(g) to a Social Security office to apply for an SSN.
Use the Referral for Social Security Number (FA‑020) form to refer the participant to SSA. Policy and procedures regarding the FA‑020 are outlined as follows:
FA‑020 Instructions for Completion of Form