E Participant Disagrees with Wage Information
(10/01/13 - 12/31/13)
When the participant disagrees with wages showing on the Employee New Hire Report (CR070) or HOSC complete the following:
Check the case file(g) for SSN verification.
Review CLIENT PROFILE (CLPR) for SSN validation.
Obtain a participant’s written statement with an explanation why the participant disagrees with the information provided.
Obtain the participant’s signature on a Verification of Employment History (FAA-0053A) form. Complete one of the following:
Send an FAA-0053A to the employer to indicate that FAA is trying to verify employment for the participant.
Complete a collateral contact to the employer to try to verify employment for the participant.
Advise the participant that they may want to resolve the use of the SSN with the Social Security Administration.
NOTE The participant may report a suspected misuse of the SSN through the hot line or web site. (See Identity Theft Complaints Hotline)
Document the case file with the results of the contact.