.05 RCA Work Program Requirements
(01/01/17 – 12/31/17)
The requirement to participate in a work program applies to the RCA program. This includes RCA participants who are also receiving NA. All applicant refugees determined to be mandatory work program participants must register and participate with a Volunteer Agency (VOLAG). VOLAG registration and employment assistance is provided through the Refugee office located in Maricopa and Pima counties. (See Refugee Offices for office locations)
Screen RCA only and RCA NA budgetary units for RCA work program participation. RCA budgetary units are subject to the Jobs exemptions criteria.
Do not refer mandatory work program RCA participants to the VOLAG when the refugee can document ongoing VOLAG contact. Refer mandatory RCA participants to the VOLAG at the initial interview when they cannot document ongoing participation with a VOLAG. Refer them using the Information Request (FA-077) form. Complete as follows:
Key RF in the PAR/EXEM field on WORW for all persons who are determined to be mandatory participants in the VOLAG work program. For those who are not mandatory participants in the VOLAG work program, key in the valid exemption code as identified in CA Jobs Exemptions.
Initiate the referral by documenting the OTHER section of the FA-077. Documentation should state VERIFICATION OF WORK PROGRAM PARTICIPATION NEEDED. CONTACT THE WORK PROGRAM OFFICE LOCATED AT... Note the actual location address of the appropriate VOLAG. (See Voluntary Agencies (VOLAG))
Give an original and one copy of the FA-077 to the PI to take to the VOLAG office. Place a copy in the case file(g).
At the time of RCA approval, send a copy of the RCA approval notice to the appropriate VOLAG office for each budgetary unit with a mandatory VOLAG participant.
A refugee, who is a mandatory work program participant, may obtain employment or fail to comply with work program requirements. In either of these situations, the VOLAG staff notify FAA of the change in status. When necessary, FAA staff contact VOLAG staff to discuss work program participation and case status.