A Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA)
(01/01/17 – 12/31/17)
Refugees must be screened and determined INELIGIBLE for CA before they can be considered for the Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) program. When a budgetary unit which includes a refugee is determined eligible for CA, they CANNOT be placed in the RCA program.
When qualified noncitizen refugees are eligible for CA:
Key EA in the CI field on IDCI.
Follow policy and keying procedures for CA cases.
When qualified noncitizen refugees are INELIGIBLE for CA but eligible for RCA Key RE in the CI field on IDCI.
A separate application must be completed for each RCA budgetary unit, regardless of the number of budgetary units living in the same residence. At RCA approval, the first day of eligibility for the refugee is the date of application.
RCA budgetary units are Basic categorically eligible for NA.
Policy and procedures regarding RCA are outlined as follows:
Disqualification for Noncompliance with Work Program Requirements (See RCA Work Program Noncompliance)
Disqualification for Noncompliance with DCSS (See RCA DCSS Noncompliance)