E 40 Quarters of Earnings
(04/01/10 –06/30/10)
40 quarters of earnings is an eligibility criteria for either of the following:
Adult non-sponsored Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) applying for NA.
NOTE Determine 40 quarters of earnings only when the applicant does not meet any of the other eligibility criteria outlined in Non-sponsored LPR criteria.
Sponsored LPR applying for CA, NA.
NOTE When a sponsored LPR has accumulated 40 quarters of earnings, the sponsor's income and resources no longer counts.
When the lawful noncitizen child is under the age of 18, 40 quarters of earnings is not an eligibility criterion, regardless of whether the noncitizen is sponsored or non-sponsored. (See Under Age 18)
40 quarters of earnings is ten years of earnings that can be used to establish eligibility. SSA determines the amount of earnings needed per quarter to qualify the quarter.
Initiate a 40 quarter of earnings inquiry ONLY when it is clear from the interview that the applicant may meet the 40 quarter of earnings requirement.
Policy and procedures regarding 40 quarters of earnings are outlined as follows: