.06 RCA Work Program Noncompliance
(01/01/17 – 12/31/17)
The Voluntary Agency (VOLAG) staff notify the FAA worker when a participant fails or refuses to comply with work program requirements. This is accomplished manually via the RCA Cash Assistance Work Program Notification. VOLAG staff make all good cause determinations and reconciliation efforts before sending notice of noncompliance to FAA. The Local Office Manager ensures that all RCA Cash Assistance Notifications are keyed into ACTS to ensure timely action.
When the local office is notified by the VOLAG that the participant is not compliant, take action to impose the graduated sanction process. (See CA PRA Graduated Sanctions) Complete the following:
Review the participant's exempt or mandatory Jobs participation status.
When the participant is now determined exempt, do not impose the sanction. Notify the appropriate VOLAG of the change, and document the case file(g) thoroughly.
When the participant is determined RCA Jobs mandatory, (See RCA Work Program Requirements) impose the 50% graduated sanction level allowing for NOAA.
When the participant remains noncompliant, impose the 100% graduated sanction level for the following month and close the RCA allowing for NOAA.
The RCA benefit reduction must not result in an increase to NA. AZTECS continues to count the gross amount of RCA before the reduction when there is a noncompliant participant. Key the following on UNIN:
The actual RCA payment amount as AF income next to the PI.
The reduction amount as SA income next to the noncompliant participant. (See SA Income)
While a sanction for a work program noncompliance is being applied, one of the following may be discovered:
The RCA case is closed
The RCA case is already sanctioned for a non-work program related reason
When the case is already sanctioned for the month and the second report of noncompliance is to be imposed, the following applies:
For closed cases, cancel the report of noncompliance. Do not act on it, unless the budgetary unit reapplies before it has lost a full month’s benefit for the second occurrence of noncompliance.
For active cases, send the NOAA notifying the participant of the noncompliance. When more than one sanction is imposed for the same month, all sanctions count toward the same disqualification period.
The minimum sanction period must be applied once the NOAA has been sent.
When the action is taken, document in the case file which level of sanction is imposed. The participant may agree to comply or become exempt from the work program during the sanction period. In this situation, the budgetary unit is eligible after serving a minimum of 30 days.
At reapplication, determine whether the minimum disqualification period has expired as follows:
Review DISA
Key the end date for the month after the sanction has been served
The participant is eligible to receive RCA the first month after BOTH of the following occur:
The minimum sanction period expires
The participant agrees to comply
When the noncompliant participant is added back to the RCA budgetary unit, re-refer the participant according to procedures listed in RCA Work Program Requirements.