.04 RCA Program Selection Requirements
(01/01/17 – 12/31/17)
Individuals that are refugees are potentially eligible for CA or RCA. CA eligibility must be determined first. (See CA budgetary unit policy)
When CA eligibility requirements are not met, determine eligibility for RCA. (See the AZTECS Keying Guide for Refugees in the FAA Policy Support SharePoint Site Doc Library (Internal Use Only))
An RCA budgetary unit may consist of the following:
Single or married refugees with no dependents.
NOTE Non-refugee spouses are not eligible to be included in an RCA budgetary unit.
Refugees with their common children.
NOTE When both parents are in the home, TPEP eligibility must be considered. The household may be entitled to RCA when there are any additional months of RCA remaining within the eight month timeframe after TPEP.
Eligible refugees married to either a U.S. citizen or an ineligible refugee.
A caretaker with unrelated dependents.
Unaccompanied refugee children. Payments are made to the non-relative caretaker. However, the non-relative caretaker is not included in the budgetary unit.
At any point that potential CA eligibility exists, complete an interview and determine CA eligibility from the date of the renewal application.
Full-time students age 19 or older in high school, technical trade school, or institutions of higher education are NOT eligible to receive RCA as a dependent but are potentially eligible for RCA in their own budgetary unit. Consider the following:
Full-time attendance in an institution of higher education is defined as enrolled for twelve semester hours or 24 clock hours per week.
Part-time students can be eligible but are not exempt from the RCA work program requirement.
As a condition of eligibility, refugees are required to participate in available and appropriate social service programs as required by the following:
The State Coordinator for Refugee Resettlement
The designated RCA EI is informed when the refugee fails to participate in appropriate social service programs.
Refusal to comply with such requirements results in sanction of RCA benefits after sending the appropriate notice. Impose the sanction as described in Noncompliance with Work Program Requirements. (See RCA Work Program Noncompliance)
RCA applicants and participants must comply with all SSN enumeration requirements of the CA program. (See SSN Enumeration)
Refugees who have social security cards marked with "Valid For Work Only With USCIS Authorization" have met the SSN enumeration requirement for participation.
The same resource criteria applies to RCA budgetary units as for any CA budgetary unit. (See CA Resource Limit)
Do not count the following resources toward the resource limit:
Any property, assets, or resources that the refugees left behind in their country of origin.
Resources of sponsors, unless the refugees are dependents of the sponsors.
Count and budget income for an RCA case using current CA policies. (See Earned income Overview, Needy Family Test and Unearned Income Overview) RCA participants are entitled to the earnings deductions.
Count income of the sponsor ONLY when the refugee is a dependent of the sponsor. For budgetary units that include an eligible refugee married and living together with either a U.S. citizen or an ineligible refugee, complete the following:
Allow the COE and the earned income 30% Deduction for the spouse's income.
After allowing the earned income deductions, count half of the spouse's adjusted COUNTABLE income.
Use the appropriate CA need standard for the budgetary unit.
RCA applicants and participants are subject to the following additional CA eligibility requirements. (See CA Eligibility Factors)
These requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:
Reporting changes in income, living situations, or other factors affecting eligibility. When a change in the budgetary unit's circumstances may affect the program category, this must be reported.
Applying for other cash benefits for which the refugee may be eligible.
Recipients of SSI are not eligible for RCA. When a refugee begins to receive SSI while an active RCA participant, remove them from the RCA benefit following the appropriate notice requirements. (See Removing a Participant).