.02 RCA Agency Contact
(01/01/17 – 12/31/17)
See the Urgent Bulletin emailed 06/01/2020 regarding RCA Time Limit Extension.
Refugees entering Arizona, as a rule, first contact a Voluntary Agency (VOLAG). The VOLAG is responsible for both of the following:
Ensuring that the refugee is aware of all available support services.
Assisting the refugee to become self-sufficient through employment readiness and placement. Work program registration and participation is emphasized.
Most refugees are registered and participating with a work program provider prior to their initial Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) application.
(For a listing of VOLAGs in Arizona, See VOLAG)
Newly arrived refugees are provided reception and placement assistance by the VOLAG. VOLAG Reception and Placement payments are not countable as income or resources.
When the VOLAG determines that a refugee may be eligible for financial assistance, VOLAG staff assist the refugee in completing the official application. All refugee related applications for FAA assistance during the refugee's first eight months in the U.S. are processed at designated Refugee Offices.
Designated FAA staff determine the refugee applicant's CA or RCA eligibility. Refugee applications are completed as follows:
A copy of the application is faxed by the VOLAG to the designated FAA staff to register the application and to request an interview date.
Initial interviews are completed on a daily basis at the VOLAG or at the designated FAA office. This depends on the number of refugee arrivals requesting financial assistance.
RCA eligibility determinations must not be completed until the budgetary unit has been screened for and determined CA ineligible.
A refugee related application may be turned in at an FAA office other than a specified FAA Refugee office. When this occurs, transfer the application to the appropriate FAA Refugee office within one workday(g) as follows:
Route RCA applications received in Pima County to site 285C (mail drop 3348)
Route RCA applications received in all other counties to site 169C (mail drop 3346).
NOTE When an RCA application is received without a referral from a VOLAG, notify the appropriate VOLAG during the application process.