.06 Noncitizen Paroled into the U.S.
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
A parolee is an individual who has been granted lawful temporary residency in the U.S. by USCIS for humanitarian reasons, or the public benefit.
To be potentially eligible for CA, NA, or full services MA, parolee status must meet both of the following:
Granted for at least one year
Granted under 212(d)5(A) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act
Parolees must also meet the continuous residency requirements to be eligible for full services MA.
NOTE This does not apply to parolees from Cuba or Haiti. (See Cuban or Haitian Entrant)
A parolee who has been granted Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status is potentially eligible for CA, NA, and full services MA. (See Continuous Residency)