G Residents Of Institutions - NA
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
Consider applicants and participants residents of an institution when the institution meets both of the following requirements:
Provides the majority of their meals (OVER 50% of three meals daily) as part of the institution's normal services.
The institution is not authorized to accept NA benefits.
Residents of an institution are ineligible to participate in the NA program. When an applicant or participant resides in an institution, deny or stop NA using the RI Denial or Closure Reason Code.
ONLY residents of the following institutions are potentially eligible to participate in the NA program:
Federally subsidized housing for the elderly.
Public or private nonprofit shelters for homeless persons
NOTE When a participant resides in an institution listed in the Institutions List of HEAplus, the participant is potentially eligible for NA benefits. When a participant resides in an institution not listed in HEAplus, see Maintaining Institutions in HEAplus.