FAA2.J Race/Residency/Ethnicity (RARE) : 07 Arizona Residency Verification
07 Arizona Residency Verification
(10/01/12 - 12/31/12)
To meet Arizona residency requirements for eligibility, the participant must establish Arizona residency with the intent to remain in Arizona.
A participant must meet residency requirements, but is not required to intend to remain in Arizona, to be potentially eligible.
Key the date the participant established Arizona residency in the AZ RES DATE field on RESE only when the participant has established Arizona residency during the month of application.
At the interview, request verification that the participant moved to Arizona with the intent to remain in Arizona. Documents provided for other verification requirements may be used to verify Arizona residency. (See Address Verification)
DO NOT upload into OnBase anything that contains an ACP participant’s actual residential address.
When the participant is homeless and has no residential address, obtain a participant statement of the following:
A description of the location.
Directions to the location.
When the participant cannot provide residency verification at the interview complete the following:
Call a verification source while the participant is still in the office and document the information received on the Verification of Budgetary Unit Composition/Residency/Landlord (FAA‑0065A) form.
A phone number may not be available. Have the participant sign the FAA‑0065A. Send it to the landlord or other acceptable verification source.
The participant's Arizona residency must be verified for the budgetary unit to be eligible. The following apply to the specific program:
For CA, when a homeless budgetary unit cannot provide proof, accept the participant's statement.
For NA, when the budgetary unit is not able to provide proof, proceed with supervisory approval when there are no outstanding discrepancies. Document the actions taken in the case file(g). Residency must be verified before renewal.
Do not impose a requirement for a specific type of verification. Accept any document that reasonably establishes the applicant's residency.
DO NOT request verification of the actual residence of an Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) participant.
A PO Box or other mailing address different from the residential address may be used by the participant. Document the reason the different mailing address is used. For procedures when using a mailing address different from the PI's residential address, see Mailing Address.
When using bills as Arizona residency verification, the bills must include the following:
The name of the applicant.
The Arizona residential address of the participant.
DO NOT upload into OnBase anything that contains an ACP participant’s actual residential address. Redact or blackout the actual residential address prior to uploading into OnBase.