.04 Domestic Violence Processing Standards
(10/01/12 - 12/31/12)
Ensure that participants eligible for expedited services have their NA available timely as defined by expedited service requirements. (See Eligibility for Expedited)
Apply verification standards. Assist the participant by using collateral contacts when possible. Much of the verification may be unavailable.
Consider room payments to the shelter as a shelter expense.
Establish NA approval periods for participants.
When a participant notifies the local office of their change of residence to a shelter, complete the following:
Change the participant's address on ADDR by close of business the day of the reported change.
Change the participant's address to the shelter's PO Box. When the shelter does not have a PO Box, use the local office as the participant's mailing or residential address.
Key Y in the CONFIDENTIAL field on ADDR.
Change the Participation Code on SEPA. (See Abused NA Budgetary Unit)
Key the address displayed on the ACP ID card for an Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) participant.