.07 Disqualification of GLAs
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
A GLA may lose its basic certification from DHS or DDD. In this situation, residents of the GLA are ineligible to receive NA. Complete the following:
When notified of the disqualification, send each GLA PI a written notice of the change in eligibility status.
Do not send an NOAA. The loss of the facility's certification is not controlled by or appealable under the NA program.
FNS may disqualify a GLA as a retailer. When this occurs, FAA suspends the GLA's status as an NA representative.
When a GLA loses its certification, residents may apply on their own behalf and participate, when otherwise eligible.
In this situation, consider the following:
The participants must meet the definition of a A budgetary unit
Benefits may not be turned over to the GLA to purchase either food or meals
When the GLA loses certification, Region Office must ensure the
GLA is removed from the HEAplus Institution List. (See