.05 GLA Responsibilities
Each GLA must provide the appropriate local office with a list of currently participating residents. The list must include a statement signed by a responsible center official. The statement must attest to the validity of the list. The GLA provides the list semi-annually.
When the GLA acts as an NA representative, it is responsible for all overpayments. The GLA is responsible for notifying the local office of the following changes:
Each budgetary unit's income
Each budgetary unit's resources
Other budgetary unit circumstances
When the participant leaves the GLA
When a participant leaves the GLA, the GLA provides the participant with a Change Report (FAA‑0412A) form. The GLA advises the participant to return the FAA‑0412A to the appropriate FAA local office within ten days. The participant uses the FAA‑0412A to report their new address and other circumstances.
The GLA returns any participant's benefits to FAA when received after the participant has left. The GLA returns the benefits that are for the month following the month the budgetary unit left.
The GLA provides the participant with their EBT QUEST Card when they leave the facility. The EBT QUEST Card is provided when the GLA meets any of the following:
Acts as an NA representative.
Retains the use of the benefits on behalf of the participant (regardless of the method of application).
When a participant leaves the GLA, their benefits are handled as follows:
When no benefits have been spent on the budgetary unit, the participant receives their full amount from the GLA.
The participant may leave before the 16th of the month and the benefits are already issued. When any portion of the benefits have been spent on the budgetary unit, the participant is eligible for one-half of its monthly benefit. The GLA provides the participant with their EBT QUEST Card, and their benefits.
The participant may leave after the 16th of the month. When the benefits have already been issued and spent, the participant is ineligible for any benefits.
A group of residents may be determined eligible as one budgetary unit and give the benefits to the GLA to use. When the participants leave before the 16th of the month, the GLA gives them each a prorated share of one-half of the budgetary unit's monthly benefit.
When a participant leaves, the GLA no longer acts as an NA representative for the participant.
A resident or group of residents may apply for NA on their own behalf and retain use of their benefits. When they leave, these participants are eligible to keep their benefits.
When a group of residents receive benefits as one budgetary unit, a prorated share of the remaining benefits are provided to each departing participant.