.06 Treatment Center Disqualifications
(01/01/20 –12/31/20)
A treatment center or institution may be penalized or disqualified when any of the following is discovered:
NA benefits are misappropriated administratively or judicially.
Benefits are used for purchases that do not contribute to a resident participant's meals.
The center fails to provide the Semi-monthly Activity Report (FAA-0620A) form that identify the proper use of benefits.
Alert a member of FAA management when any center is suspected of misappropriating a participant's benefits. The following must occur:
FAA management forwards a written report of the reported information to the Policy Support Team (PST) via email.
PST reviews the information and determines when further investigation is needed. When needed, PST sends a request of investigation to the Office of Special Investigations (OSI).
The PST promptly notifies FNS when there is reason to believe that an organization or institution has misused benefits in its possession.
FAA must have FNS approval to impose penalties or a disqualification on a treatment center.
When FNS disqualifies an organization or institution, FAA suspends its NA representative status for the same period.
Residents of disqualified institutions are ineligible to receive NA benefits during the period of disqualification. In this situation, the following apply:
No NOAA is required.
Deny or close the cases using the RI Denial or Closure Reason Code.
Send the F200 notice informing the residents of the determination and the effective date of the closure.
NOTE Information reported on the most recent FAA‑0620A form from the center is used to determine the residents currently residing at the center.
The PST must ensure the disqualified treatment centers or institutions are removed from the HEAplus Institution List. (See Maintaining Institutions in HEAplus.)