FAA2.J Race/Residency/Ethnicity (RARE) : 04 Arizona Residency - Overview
04 Arizona Residency - Overview
(01/01/19 –12/31/19)
An Arizona resident is someone who has established Arizona as their permanent home, and when temporarily away from Arizona, intends to return.
Everyone that is listed on the application and applying must have Arizona residency verified.
All applicants and participants must meet Arizona residency requirements for benefits. They must have the intent of making Arizona their home and not be in Arizona for a temporary purpose. (See Verification of Arizona Residency and Intent to Remain)
An applicant must live in Arizona at the time of application but is not required to intend to remain in Arizona, to be potentially eligible.
Consider the following when determining residency requirements:
There is no time limit requirement for living in Arizona. (See Intent to Remain)
Applicants are not residents when they are in Arizona for any of the following purposes:
Student from out of state
The following applicants are considered residents of Arizona:
Students who return to Arizona during school break.
Children who live with relatives.
Applicants who currently live in Arizona and have verified Arizona residency but spend a portion of the year living in another state.
NOTE Applicants are not required to live in Arizona for a specific length of time to be potentially eligible.
Do not consider these applicants as vacationers or visitors.
For program specific requirements, see the following: