H Reapplying after Tribal NEW Sanction
The Tribal NEW budgetary unit must turn in a new application to receive CA benefits when either of the following occurs:
A 100% sanction has been applied.
A sanction has been applied in an inactive case. (See Sanctioning Inactive NEW Cases)
DO NOT APPROVE a case that includes a noncompliant participant. At the interview, inform the PI that the case cannot be approved until one of the following occurs:
The budgetary unit or Tribal NEW verifies that the noncompliant participant is in compliance.
The budgetary unit reports and verifies that the noncompliant participant is no longer in the budgetary unit.
When the noncompliant participant complies, complete the following:
Key the proration date on APMA as the later of the following:
The application date.
The first day of the first month after the required sanction period ends.
Key the proration date in the SANC END field next to the appropriate program.
Continue to process the application to determine eligibility and benefit level.
Do not refer a participant to Tribal NEW unless one of the following is keyed in the PT field on SEPA:
NOTE Key RT in the PAR/EXEM field on WORW. A referral is ONLY made to Tribal NEW when one of the above codes is keyed in the PT field on SEPA.