.04 DCSS Compliance Notification
(04/01/13 – 06/30/13)
When a participant complies with the DCSS PRA requirement, DCSS notifies FAA using the Sanctions: Noncompliance/Compliance Request email. The email includes the following information:
SUBJECT: Sanctions: Noncompliance/Compliance Request
The ATLAS case number
The IV-D County office
The date of noncompliance
The reason for noncompliance
The date of compliance
The AZTECS case number
The AP last and first name
The AP client ID
The child’s last and first name
The child’s client ID
When the participant has complied with DCSS, DCSS fills the date of compliance in the original Sanctions: Noncompliance/Compliance Request email and sends it back to +FAA Change. To end the sanction, see Ending CA Sanctions.
Print the notification of compliance email and place it in the case file(g). The original filed copy of the email can be destroyed only after receipt of DCSS's notification of compliance.
The Jobs Program must send the NOAA by the last day to request a notice of adverse action in order for FAA to impose the sanction for the next month. (See AMPS)