05 Alert Codes
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
Alert Codes are keyed in AZTECS to provide quick cautions about the following:
Participant limitations
Participant disqualifications
Case sanctions
Special conditions, including the following:
Case overpayment status
OSI current investigations
Some Alert Codes provide information about participants. (See Person Alerts)
Some provide program specific information about the case. (See Program Alerts)
Others may be used as either participant or program alerts. (See Program and Person Alerts)
Certain situations require mandatory Alert Codes be keyed. (See Mandatory Alert Codes)
Staff with update capabilities have the ability to add, change, or delete Alert Codes.
Space for Alert Codes is limited on PRAP. Key all required mandatory Alert Codes first. Key other appropriate Alert Codes as space permits.
The following Participant Disqualification Alert Code types must be keyed in the THIRD alert type field on PRAP next to the disqualified participant, regardless of the number of other person alerts:
FD (Felony Drug Conviction)
FF (Fleeing Felon)
NOTE Keying these alert types in the first or second alert type field on PRAP next to the disqualified elderly participant or person with a disability will incorrectly allow the household special considerations.
Key Program Alerts in the PROGRAM ALERTS section of PRAP.
Key Person Alerts in the CLIENT section of PRAP.