B Removing Participants - SEPA
(12/01/13 - 01/31/14)
A participant may leave the budgetary unit. (For program specific policy see Removing a Participant) When a participant must be removed, take the following steps:
Key OU in the participant's PT field for the correct month.
Key the appropriate INELIG REASON Code. (See Denial or Closure Reference Links)
AZTECS removes the participant from the case at monthly rollover or when the copy details function is used, the month following the month the participant is keyed as OU for all programs. One of the following Denial or Closure Reason Codes must be keyed:
AD - Adoption Final
DH - Death
RI - Resides in an Institution
RJ - Resides in Jail or Prison
RS - Arizona Residency Not Established
VR - Moved Out or Location Unknown
When a participant is coded OU for one program with one of the previously listed Denial or Closure Reason Codes, they must be coded OU for all programs.
Key the date of denial or closure in the INELIG DATE field as applicable for the appropriate program, using the following criteria:
Redetermine eligibility for the month.
When the PI leaves a CA or MA budgetary unit, see the following for procedures:
When a participant becomes disqualified, see PRAP for the duration of the disqualification. To remove the participant, complete the following steps:
Key the proper code in the PT field (See Disqualified CA Participants, or Disqualified NA Participants)
Key the proper codes on PRAP
Redetermine eligibility for the month
Send any required notices on NORE.
Participants may be keyed as OU in one case and IN in another. When this occurs, do not change or remove any information relating to a participant keyed as OU. The updated information affects that participant’s open case.