E Address Verification
(10/01/12 - 12/31/12)
Verify the participant's residential address.
Verification sources must be current and contain the name and address of any of the case participants.
Do not request verification of the actual residential address of an Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) participant.
NOTE When the participant is temporarily residing out of state, see TEOA Overview.
Use any of the following verification sources:
City directory
Church records
Current driver's license
Department of Motor Vehicles documents
Lease agreement
Ownership of property documentation
Phone directory
Rent or mortgage receipt
School records
Signed statement from a nonrelative
Statement from a nonrelative employer
Statement from a nonrelative landlord
Tax office records
Utility bill
Utility company records
Verification of Living Arrangement/Residential Address (FAA-0065A) form
NOTE When an NA participant is considered homeless for NA purposes, request a description from the applicant of where the applicant is residing. Document the information in the case file(g).
(See RARE for residency requirements)