FAA2.B Beginning the Interview : 01 Beginning the Interview - Overview : B Additional Programs Requested During the Interview
B Additional Programs Requested During the Interview
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
When the applicant expresses an interest in applying for one or more additional programs, during the interview, complete the following:
Add the additional programs requested during the interview
Request the applicant sign the application
During a face-to-face interview with a paper application, ask the applicant to complete the following:
Check the appropriate boxes on the official FAA application.
Initial each newly checked box.
Document the current date next to the checked box to indicate the date the application was filed for that program.
Complete additional application questions in HEAplus when necessary
Ask additional questions when necessary
Register the programs in accordance with the application effective date.
Ensure that all persons in the caretaker relative(g)'s family(g) of the child for whom CA benefits are being requested are registered to the case. This is so AZTECS is able to conduct the CA Needy Family Test.
Conduct the interview for all programs requested.
Request needed verification.
Determine eligibility for the requested programs.
Send the appropriate notices.
NOTE When the participant requests additional programs during a telephone interview, follow the policy and procedures for the following, as applicable: