.01 Review of Case History (Priors)
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
Complete a review of all information on the current and prior application before beginning the interview questions. Explore and resolve all unclear or incomplete information with the budgetary unit during the interview. This process is known as a Review of Case History or a Prior.
Completing a Prior means to compare information from the prior application to answers on the current application. Complete a Prior by reviewing the following:
The current application
The prior application and any reported changes afterwards
All changes reported prior to the receipt of the current application
Resolve discrepancies, questionable information, or changes during the interview. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Budgetary unit composition
Case Documentation
Documents in HEAplus and OnBase
AZTECS interface verification
Office of Special Investigation (OSI) reports
Verification requested for an overpayment
Use HEAplus and AZTECS screens to find answers to the following questions:
Did the Budgetary unit change?
Case Profile Page 2 (CAP2) - AZTECS
Household Summary (HOSU) - AZTECS
Setup Participation (SEPA) - AZTECS
Case Summary - HEAplus
Did the address change?
Case Profile Page 1 (CAP1) - AZTECS
Household Summary (HOSU) - AZTECS
Case Summary - HEAplus
Did the income Change?
Household Summary (HOSU) – AZTECS
Self-Employment Income (SEEI) - AZTECS
Unearned Income (UNIN) - AZTECS
Earned Income (EAIN) - AZTECS
Food Stamp Benefit History (FSBH) - AZTECS
Inquiry Interface (ININ) - AZTECS
Case Summary - HEAplus
Did the expenses change?
Household Summary (HOSU) - AZTECS
Expense and Need Standard (EXNS) - AZTECS
Is this a renewal or a new application?
Case Profile Page 2 (Cap2) - AZTECS
Notice History Screen (NOHS) - AZTECS
AF Benefit History (AFBH) - AZTECS
FS Benefit History (FSBH) - AZTECS
Are there any pending linked applications?
Information Belongs To - HEAplus
Are there any pending associated applications?
Case Summary - HEAplus
Refer to the Conducting a Prior Review Desk Aid (internal use only) for more information about completing a prior.