C Completing the CA PRA
(04/01/13 – 06/30/13)
At the new application interview, complete the following:
Review the Personal Responsibility Agreement (PRA) with the PI to ensure they understand their responsibilities.
Inform the PI of the following:
The PRA covers not only all current CA case participants, but future participants, as well.
A new PRA is not required when a new participant is added to the CA case.
NOTE The PRA is not required for child only cases since there are no participants coded IN that are required to sign or comply with the PRA.
A new PRA is required when any of the following occur:
CA closed and a new application is turned in
TPEP is converted to CA (the participant signs the FAA‑1523A)
CA is converted to TPEP (the participant signs the FAA‑1523A)
Allow the participant an opportunity to sign the PRA at a renewal interview when one does not exist in the case file(g).