.02 During the Interview
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
During the interview, complete the following:
Complete a Review of Case History. When changes or discrepancies are found during the review of case history or during the interview, discuss the issue with the participant. Resolve any discrepancies and document the case file(g) to support the actions taken. (For more information, see documentation forms)
When the participant requests to add a program, see Additional Programs Requested During the Interview.
Ask the participant whether any changes have occurred since the submission of the application. When a change action is required, see Changes.
Ask the participant all questions in the HEAplus Interview Pages.
Key information on the appropriate HEAplus screen.
After keying all information obtained during the interview, click the Determine Eligibility button to allow HEAplus to run rules with the new information.
Key as you go updating the AZTECS screens as the participant answers questions.
Document the case file with permanent verification factors to eliminate the need to re-request verification. This includes terminated employment and Office of Special Investigations (OSI) reports.
Do not request any verification items that meet the following:
Were already provided.
Were obtained through a collateral contact.
Were not included in any verification request related to the application that is being denied. Only include items from an HEAplus Request for Information (RFI) when it was the only verification request sent.
When the need to complete a referral to the Department of Child Safety (DCS) or Adult Protective Services (APS) is evident (abuse or neglect), see DCS Hotline Phone Number or APS Hotline Phone number.