B Refusal to Cooperate
Determine and document refusal to cooperate when the participant meets both of the following conditions:
Is able to cooperate
Does not take the actions necessary to comply with cooperation requirements
NOTE See PRAP for keying Program and Person Alerts Codes when a participant has not cooperated.
Do NOT deny the application or close the case when the participant cooperates but outside sources fail to verify needed information.
Deny the application or stop benefits ONLY for the responsible participant who refuses to cooperate and for the participant whose eligibility cannot be verified. (See Table of Eligibility Factors)
Deny the application or stop the budgetary unit's benefits allowing for NOAA.
When the application has been denied or the case closed for refusal to cooperate with cooperation requirements, do not determine eligibility until the participant cooperates.
Do not deny the application or close the case for failure to cooperate with the Office of Special Investigation (OSI).