FAA2.A Verification and Cooperation : 06 Required Documentation
06 Required Documentation
(10/01/15 – 11/30/15)
Documentation must support determinations of eligibility and benefit level. Documentation must contain sufficient detail to allow a reviewer to decide that the determination is reasonable and accurate.
Written documentation must be legible and placed in the case file(g).
The following are examples of where documentation may be written or keyed:
AZTECS Case Documentation Screen (CADO)
HEAplus screens that allow note entry including, but not limited to, Case Notes
NOTE FAA program forms are located in the digital library.
Copies of documents used to verify eligibility must be placed in the case file(g).
When unable to copy verification, see visually viewed verification for documentation requirements.
When a collateral contact is made, document the following:
Name, phone number and the title of the contact.
Information provided by the collateral contact (e.g., dates and amounts of pay, financial account balance, names of persons living at the address, etc.).
When obtaining verification through automated systems, verify that the information used to obtain the verification can be identified as the participant's (account numbers, etc.) and document the information.
Date of contact.
NOTE The collateral contact’s address information should be obtained when it is available.