FAA2.A Verification and Cooperation : 05 Prudent Person Concept
05 Prudent Person Concept
Prudent person decision-making (a.k.a. critical thinking) strengthens policy knowledge, confidence and decision-making capabilities within the local office.
Make all eligibility decisions using reasonable judgment, based on knowledge of and experience with the programs. Research any questionable or unusual situation thoroughly, using the materials available and make a decision based on these findings.
Document the case file(g) to show the reasoning that led to the decision. Include FAA Policy Manual references used in making the decision.
After thorough research into the questionable circumstance and consultation with management, the local office staff may still not understand the intent of the policy. When this occurs, authorized staff must request a policy clarification from the Policy Support Team (PST).
NOTE See Request for Policy Clarification for proper instructions on how to elevate a policy clarification and a listing of who is authorized to submit a request.