C Participant Statement Verification
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
See the Urgent Bulletin emailed 03/24/2020 regarding Verification and Documentation during the current health crisis.
Participant statement verification is the participant's account of a particular situation.
Use participant statement verification when the attempt to obtain documented verification or a collateral contact may cause harm or undue hardship for the participant. Document the case file(g) with the reason the participant statement verification was accepted as available.
Do not use a participant statement to verify the following eligibility factors:
Medical Disability and Incapacity (depending on the program requested)
Noncitizenship Status
Social Security Enumeration
Verification of requirement to remove NA Drug Disqualification
Do not use a participant's statement when the participant’s statement is questionable.
NOTE Clarify questionable information with the participant and clearly document the case file(g).
Participant statement verification may be received in any of the following forms:
The current signed application
A written participant statement
The participant’s verbal statement of facts
Key CS in the verification field when participant statement verification is used.
A written participant statement must be clear and concise, include all details, the participant’s signature, and the date signed.
When a participant’s verbal statement is used the case file(g) must be documented to indicate the details of the statement and the reason the statement was accepted.
For CA and NA, a participant’s statement can be used to verify Self Employment Expenses. When current documented verification is not available, obtain the participant’s statement at the time of the interview.
For verification of mandatory eligibility factors, only obtain a participant statement when all of the following apply:
The participant has attempted but is unable to provide the verification.
No other source of verification is available. This includes documented verification and collateral contact verification.
The participant has requested assistance from the FAA office.
The worker has evaluated the request for assistance and cannot obtain the verification from any acceptable source.
The participant’s statement is not questionable.
NOTE Do not send an information request notice for a participant statement.