FAA1.D Application Requirements : 10 Withdrawing an Application - Overview
Withdrawing an Application - Overview
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Applicants may voluntarily withdraw their new application at any time. Their request may be verbal or written.
Determine the reason the applicant wants to withdraw. When the reason causes the application not to be eligible, complete the denial process using the Denial Closure Reason Code appropriate to the reason (i.e. RS when the budgetary unit is moving out of state).
Many denials require minimal information to be keyed to complete the denial process. However, the procedure for denials is to key all the information obtained from the application and later at the interview. The reasons for this are as follows:
All reasons for case ineligibility need to be documented in the case file(g) for future application purposes, and for notice purposes.
Participant information in AZTECS may be used to deter fraud cases. For example, a participant may be denied for excessive resources at one office and apply at a different office with no resources listed.
Complete the following steps immediately to deny an application:
Key the necessary information on INDA.
Change the Participation Codes in the PT field on SEPA from CO to the appropriate codes based on information from the application.
Key all applicable information through the AZTECS eligibility screens.
When there is not enough information to determine ineligibility, after keying all known information or voluntary withdrawal is confirmed, complete the following:
Key VW in the Denial Closure Reason field on the appropriate program screen (AFED or FSED).
Key Y in the AUTHORIZATION field. Press ENTER.
Send a Voluntary Withdrawal (C201) notice to the PI to confirm the withdrawal and inform the PI of the right to reapply at any time
When an applicant requests to withdraw their application for only one program, deny the program following the same procedures. Complete the determination for any other program.
When determining eligibility for the other program, eligibility screens from the denied program display in the first benefit month. Advance through these screens to process the eligibility determination.
Once an application is denied for withdrawal, a new application must be turned in to begin the application process again.
For a voluntary withdrawal request at renewal, see one of the following, as appropriate: