FAA1.A Background and Introduction : 08 Interpreter or Translator Needed - Overview : A Translation Services for Hard Copy Verification
Translation Services for Hard Copy Verification
(01/01/21 –12/31/21)
All hard copy documents that verify an eligibility factor, written in a language other than English, must be translated to English. Translations should be completed by staff within the FAA office or Region, whenever possible. Verification documents, such as legal documents, do not need to be translated in full. Only the pertinent information that supports any eligibility factor must be translated. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Title of the document
The agency or authority who issued the document
The geographical area from where the document was issued (e.g., city, state, county, parish, or country)
When an FAA office staff member requires a written document translated to English, complete one of the following:
Determine whether there is an FAA office staff member who can assist with the translation. When there is a staff member who can assist with the translation, request their assistance.
When a staff member cannot be located within the office, locate a staff member who is able to assist with the translation within the Region.
When an FAA office within the Region is unable to assist with the translation contact one of the following via email, based on the translation needed:
For translations from Spanish to English, contact the Centralized Document Services (CDS).
For all other languages, contact the Policy Support Team (PST)
When sending an email to CDS or PST for translation, the email request must contain all of the following information:
AZTECS case number and HEAplus application ID.
AZTECS case name and, if different, the name of the HEAplus main contact.
Document ID Number and Document Received Date.
The original language in which the document is written.
A copy of the document that needs to be translated. (Please provide the document as an attachment to the email.)
A snippet of HEAplus or OnBase (See the Document Translation Process Desk Aid in SharePoint (internal use only) for Snipping Tool instructions.)
When the English translation is completed, the translated document is uploaded into OnBase or HEAplus and the requestor is notified by email.