FAA1.B Time Frames : 02 Time Frames for Requesting Verification - Overview : B Time Frames for Requesting Verification by Mail
Time Frames for Requesting Verification by Mail
(01/01/20 –12/31/20)
When a request for information or verification is mailed to the PI or representative, allow ten days to provide the verification. This is called the request period. The request period starts the day after the mail date of the request.
Give the participant four calendar days to complete a drug test when it is required.
When the request period ends on a weekend or holiday, the due date is the following workday(g).
When the notice is created on a Friday, AZTECS prints the notice Friday night and it mails on the following workday. The request period starts on the workday following the date the notice mails (i.e. request notice Friday, Monday is a holiday, AZTECS mails the notice Tuesday, the request period starts on Wednesday).
NOTE Follow the same procedures for handwritten notices that are mailed or given to the participant at the interview.