FAA1.H Benefit Replacement Procedures : 01 Replacement of Benefits – Replacement Issuance : A Replacement Issuance of Benefits - Food Destroyed in a Disaster
Replacement Issuance of Benefits - Food Destroyed in a Disaster
(04/01/12 - 06/30/12)
Food that has been purchased with NA, may be destroyed in a fire, flood, tornado, or other disasters beyond the control of the budgetary unit. When this occurs, the food may be replaced up to the actual value of the loss, as stated by the participant. The replaced benefit amount must not exceed one month's NA benefit amount.
The participant must report the destruction of the food to the FAA office within ten days of the incident.
When a request for replacement is received, FAA must complete the following:
Verify the disaster through collateral contact verification, a home visit, or documentation from a related community agency (fire department, Red Cross, etc.).
Verify that the participant has not received two replacements of benefits (reported destroyed after receipt) within the past five months.
Elevate the facts of the NA claim by sending an email to the Region Program Manager (RPM), or their designee, that oversees the FAA office making the request.
The RPM, or their designee, completes the EBT Emergency Benefits e-form. For information on where to find e-forms and how to complete the e-form, see Accessing OnBase eForms (PDF 367 KB). The OnBase e-form is sent via email to the FAA EBT Emergency Benefits Unit at [email protected].
The benefits are issued within ten days of receipt of the request.