Release of Confidential Information – No Permission Needed
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
Confidential information, relating to the eligibility for public assistance programs, can be released without the PI's permission to the following:
FAA and its employees for an official business reason
Do not release information on a case to an FAA employee with a known conflict of interest on that case unless they are an appointed representative. Report any suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity immediately.
Social Security Administration (SSA) employees
Requests from other states for verification of Arizona benefits are processed by specialized staff. Inform other states that requests for verification of Arizona benefits must be sent to:
Telephone: (602) 771-2047 to leave a message regarding the status of a request
Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) or its legal counsel
Arizona Attorney General's office
Any federal or federally assisted program that provides assistance or services directly to people based on their need
Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) for purposes of providing medical services (enrolling in a health plan or obtaining medical services)
AHCCCS and FAA approved health care providers for purposes of completing the provider referral process
Health‑e‑Arizona Plus Subscriber Organization Application Assistors and their Supervisors
A hospital or its representative when an Authorization to Share Information form (FAA‑1145A)
Schools that have an intergovernmental agreement, or school personnel verifying eligibility for breakfast, lunch, or special milk programs
Federal auditors from any of the federal assistance programs that have legal permission to audit FAA cases
Department of Child Safety (DCS), when requesting information for a case that may have known or suspected abuse
Department of Child Safety (DCS), when requesting information related to Foster Care or Adoptions
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may only be given information for children who may be receiving CA when working on claims made by absent parents (AP)
Office of Accounts Receivable (OARC)
State and federal employment security agencies, when requesting information for purposes of potential work program participation and claiming the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
Employers may only be given information regarding receipt of CA for purposes of claiming the Targeted Job Tax Credit under Public Law (PL) 94 12
Appeals documents and the status of actions taken specific to the hearing decision may only be released to any of the following:
Appellant's representative or legal counsel
Do not release OSI information obtained from the AFTS System.
Do not release medical information without authorization from the physician and the participant.