Quarters of Coverage Information (QCIN)
The QUARTERS OF COVERAGE INFORMATION (QCIN) screen displays information received from the Social Security Administration (SSA) files through the Wire-to-Wire Third Party Query system. This interface displays information about the noncitizen selected from QCRE to whom both of the following apply:
The noncitizen is lawfully admitted to the U.S. for permanent residence under the Immigration and Nationality act.
The noncitizen has met the qualifying quarters of coverage requirements.
NOTE When QCIN displays LESS THAN 40 QUARTERS, see Quarters of Coverage Adjustment procedures.
When SSI information is available for the selected noncitizen, the following edit message displays at the bottom of the screen:
Press ENTER to access a second QCIN screen. SSI/TITLE XVI INFORMATION for the noncitizen displays.
Only the most recent QCIN record is maintained in AZTECS. Information displayed on QCIN cannot be changed.
Press the F9 key to return to QCRE.