Programs Administered by FAA - NA - Non-allowable Items
(01/01/11 - 03/31/11)
Items that cannot be bought with Nutrition Assistance (NA) benefits include the following:
Alcoholic beverages and tobacco
Non-food items such as soap and toiletries, paper products, cleaning products and cooking utensils
Live animals, except shellfish and fish removed from water
Items used for gardening such as fertilizer, peat moss and similar products
Items not intended for human consumption such as laundry starch, dog and cat food, seeds packaged as bird seed, and decorative dye that is used to color hard-cooked eggs
Vitamins and minerals, in any form
All health aids such as aspirin, cough drops or syrups and other cold remedies, antacids and all prescription medicines
Hot foods and hot food products sold in grocery stores, hot at the time of sale and ready for immediate eating
All foods marketed to be heated and served on the premises, and any prepared food sold to be eaten on the premises
Hot foods, hot food products, and food marketed to be heated on the premises and ready to eat, are allowable at participating Restaurant Meals Program retailers for the following participants:
NOTE NA benefits may not be used to pay for credit or charge accounts.