FAA1.A Background and Introduction : 10 Programs Administered by FAA - Overview : B Programs Administered by FAA - Combination Cases
Programs Administered by FAA - Combination Cases
An application may include a request for more than one program. When this occurs, the following apply to determining eligibility for combination cases:
A single official FAA application may be used for multiple month determinations and multiple programs based on the participant's circumstances.
A single interview is conducted for all FAA programs.
The budgetary unit must provide information required for each program and is subject to the penalties of each program for false statements.
Do not delay determining eligibility for a program for which all information and verification is available.
When CA is authorized, only the portion intended for the budget month is counted as unearned income to the NA budgetary unit. Count CA intended for previous months as a lump sum.
Count CA benefits when determining NA benefits.
When the amount and date of receipt of the CA benefit has not been determined and cannot be reasonably anticipated, treat receipt of CA as a change. (See Changes Requiring No Notice for NA for whether NOAA is required)
The amount and date of receipt of the CA benefit may be able to be anticipated but the benefit not available until a subsequent month. When this occurs, adjust the NA benefit according to the anticipated receipt of CA and inform the budgetary unit on the NA Approval Notice.