FAA1.D Application Requirements : 02 Official Applications - Overview
Official Applications - Overview
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
Benefits must be requested using an official application. To be accepted for processing, the official application must also be an identifiable application.
Applications are available in English and Spanish. For information on where applications can be obtained, see Availability of Applications.
The applicant must provide information required for the requested programs, and the applicant is subject to criminal penalties for supplying false statements.
Use an official application when determining eligibility. Specific forms and addendums are available in the Document Center for documentation purposes.
CA and NA official applications are outlined as follows:
FAA accepts an official FAA application as an application for all FAA programs.
FAA accepts an official Health-e-Arizona Plus online application for all FAA programs.
Any other DES/FAA approved application form used for FAA pilot programs or projects
Official applications that are faxed, photocopied, or downloaded and printed from a web site are acceptable.
When an application for CA or NA is received that is not listed as an official FAA application, complete the following:
When the applicant is present at the time the application is received, have the applicant complete an official application, and attach it to the submitted application. Register the application.
When the applicant is not present at the time the application is received, complete the following:
Send the request to review the application by email to the Policy Support Team (PST)
Fax the application to the PST using the FAX COVER SHEET DES‑1078A) form.
When an application is sent to the PST, PST reviews and researches the application to determine whether it is an older acceptable version of the application. The PST then notifies the FAA office of the decision and action to take.
FAA staff registers the application in AZTECS within one workday(g) of receipt of the acceptable application.