FAA1.D Application Requirements : 02 Official Applications - Overview : C Official Applications - Identifiable Applications
Official Applications - Identifiable Applications
(01/01/20 – 12/31/20)
Only an identifiable official application form can be accepted for processing.
An identifiable application includes the following:
Name of the applicant
Residential or mailing address (See Keying General Delivery Service on ADDR when the applicant does not provide a residential or mailing address.)
Signature of one of the following, as applicable:
Representative (See Signing the Application for policy and procedures regarding who must sign)
NOTE When an identifiable application is received and no programs are requested, submit the application for all programs in Health-e-Arizona Plus (HEAplus).
A faxed or photocopied identifiable application is acceptable.
When an identifiable paper application is received, complete the following:
Date stamp the application.
When the participant is in an FAA Office, copy Page 1 of the identifiable application and give it to participant as proof of application.
Enter the information from the application into HEAplus, within one workday(g) of receipt and submit the application. The Technical Information Process System (TIPS) transfer(g) process automatically registers the CA and NA programs in AZTECS.
Upload a copy of the application into OnBase as Document Type “FAA0001A” and shred the original. Review the document in OnBase to ensure the signature can be viewed.
NOTE There may be instances where an interview must be completed on the same day an application is received. When TIPS has not automatically registered the CA or NA in AZTECS, FAA staff may be required to manually register the application. The HEAplus Application ID must be correctly keyed on APMA or RERE to prevent the TIPS process from overriding what has been keyed in AZTECS.
The effective date of an identifiable application is the date it is received during FAA business hours(g). When an application is turned in outside of business hours, the date of application used is the next workday.
All questions on the application that pertain to the programs that are being applied for, must be answered before an eligibility determination can be made.