FAA1.D Application Requirements : 02 Official Applications - Overview : A Official Applications - FAA Applications for Assistance
Official Applications - FAA Applications for Assistance
(2/01/14 - 03/31/14)
FAA accepts the following official FAA applications as an application for all NA and CA:
Health-e-Arizona Plus online application
Application for Benefits (FAA-0001A)
Application for Benefits – Large Print (FAA-0001A-LP)
Application for Benefits – Extra Large Print (FAA-0001A-XLP)
Solicitud de Beneficios (FAA-0001A-S) Spanish version
Any other DES/FAA approved application form used for FAA pilot programs or projects
Photocopies or print outs of any of the previously listed official applications
NOTE The FAA-0001A and FAA-0001A-S forms may be downloaded and printed from the DES Documents Center.
When an application for assistance or benefits is received that is not listed as an official FAA application, see Acceptable Applications.