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NA Authorized Representative - Disqualified Representative
(10/01/13 - 12/31/13)
The following individuals are disqualified from being an NA representative:
Retailers, who are involved in the acceptance of NA.
An agency, or its employees, that provide prepared meals for the homeless may not be an NA authorized representative for homeless participants.
State employees, who are involved in the issuance of NA, may only be authorized representatives when approved in writing by the Region Program Manager (RPM). The RPM must determine that no one else is available to be an authorized representative before allowing a state employee as the authorized representative. This must also be documented by the RPM in the casefile(g).
When a state employee is acting as an authorized representative, see Handling Special Cases – Employees for additional requirements.
NA participants disqualified for an Intentional Program Violation (IPV) may only act as an authorized representative when FAA has determined that no other adult is available. This must be documented in the case file.
An authorized representative who has been identified as knowingly being responsible for one of the following is disqualified for one year:
Misrepresenting NA participants
Misusing NA benefits
When FAA determines that the authorized representative is disqualified, notify the NA PI within 30 calendar days of the decision before taking the disqualification action.